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Lan Core Compilation and Installation in Windows

We have included a brief guide that shows step by step how you can set up a develop environment, and compile and install the Lan Core software. This guide does not cover advanced topics or configurations, because of that should be used only for a basic introduction to the developed software structure.

Installation and configuration of Lan Core by Serge Saga:

Thin Client CompactPC eBox 3800

Terminal Services in Windows

Use of multiple remote desktop sessions is natively included in Windows operating systems based on a server version (e.g. Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2003 Server) through the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). However, to enable each connection from a host or user has to be purchased a terminal service license, i.e. a TS CAL in Microsoft terminology.

Additionally, there are other options to enable multiple remote desktop connections in a Windows operating system. Some of them are cheaper, others provide best characteristics as those covered by the RDP, and the rest simply are provided to enable terminal services in those versions of Windows systems that do not support multiple desktops simultaneously, as occur by default in Windows XP.

Cyber User Configuration Guide

Cyber User Configuration Guide by Felix Cubero Fernández.

Billing User Guide

Billing User Guide by Felix Cubero Fernández. Billing is an extension of Lan Core and Cyber to make economics balances from the information included in the connections carried out in a Cyber-cafe. It allows us to get income and connections included in different time's periods.

Thin Client

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