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Setup Wizard Schreenshot
Setup wizard screenshot
for the Lan Core Windows version


The latest version of Lan Core can be downloaded from

The Setup version of Lan Core for Windows includes the PXE daemon server, Boot Core, a graphical user interface (GUI), Lan Core, and several embedded systems for different thin client architectures (based on i386, etc.) and supporting different remote desktop protocols (RDP, VNC, ICA, or XDMCP among others) and Web clients, Thin OS.

Every module can be also downloaded separately in a binary Win32 format (compiled for the most common Windows version).

Source Code

The source code of the Lan Core projecty is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) as published by the Free Software Foundation.

There are available several ways to download the sources. Please select your preferred way to download the Source Code of Lan Core. In this web page has been also included a brief Guide for Compilation and Installation in the documentation section.

Thin Client

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