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Lan Core :: Thin Client
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About Us

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Universidad Politécnica
de Madrid
Technology for Development and Cooperation (TEDECO) group
Technology for Development
and Cooperation group

This project was initially designed and started up on January 2004 by Jesús Martínez Mateo, and published as Open Source Software under the GPL license on February 2007.

The project is being currently developed and maintained by members of the Faculty of Computer Science at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). These developers, students, former students, and professors, are mainly supported by the UPM's university cooperation for developemnt group TEDECO (Technology for Development and Cooperation).

This software is being used by institutions and educational centres in developing countries. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Contact Information

Postal Address

Att. Jesús Martínez Mateo

Faculty of Computer Science
Technical University of Madrid (UPM)
Scientific and Technological Park
Campus de Montegancedo
28660 Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), Spain.


Applied Mathematics Department
Room No. 1302 (building 1, 3rd floor)
Phone: +34-91-336-7418
Fax: +34-91-336-7426

Research Lab

Room No. 5213 (building 5, 2nd floor)
Phone: +34-91-336-6938


Direction in Cooperation for the Development (UPM)
Direction in Cooperation
for the Development


Authors would like to thank to the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, particularly to the Direction in Cooperation for the Development and the International Relations Office, for its economic and logistic support.

Thin Client

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